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Logistics transportation

  • Logistics transportation


In today's e-commerce era, the global logistics industry has a new development trend. However, the traditional logistics only focuses on improving the speed of logistics in the means of transportation, but ignores the low level of informatization in the logistics industry and the low level of automation of logistics facilities. As a result, cargo information is scattered, sorting efficiency is low, and transit distribution takes a long time, resulting in the phenomenon of "slow delivery" of express delivery. The rapid rise of e-commerce and the demand of industry have promoted the demand and requirement of warehousing logistics allocation. Third-party companies also play an increasingly important role in the market industry, and can even assist businesses to provide a wide range of services at the terminal and channel end. Logistics companies are increasingly providing warehousing, distribution facilities, maintenance services, electronic tracking and other value-added services.


ntroduce RFID technology into logistics management. Intelligent work and management can be realized by integrating the work of receiving, sorting, distribution, dispatch and other links in logistics PDA. The RFID equipment collects the key data of each link, such as time point, responsible person and so on, in real time, and gathers them into a unified information platform. Managers can obtain and manage information through the background, and support users to view logistics tracking information, which is efficient and convenient. It not only greatly improves the efficiency of logistics operation and reduces the cost of logistics, but also helps to enhance the user service experience and improve satisfaction.


1. High degree of informatization, complete input of order information and convenient inquiry;

2. One-click scanning, reduce the error rate, effectively reduce the information lag in the distribution process, a large number of orders manual entry accuracy is poor.

3. Provide real-time logistics tracking information query, sign-in, return and exchange processing is fast and convenient, effectively enhance customer satisfaction and corporate image;

4. Real-time tracking of logistics information standardizes business processes and improves work efficiency and management efficiency.

5. Established a more perfect logistics distribution network system, and comprehensively improved the corporate image and service level.

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