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Warehousing Management

  • Warehousing Management


Modern warehouse storage is not only to complete the simple registration of goods in and out, but also to make clear database records of the types, quantities, specifications, time and other information of goods in the warehouse. Ensure accurate goods data and supply chain information at all stages of logistics. The above problems can be solved by using RFID tag warehouse management software system. Through the software of the data center, we can accurately locate the specific storage location of each item, accurately count the quantity/specification of the goods, accurately manage the storage and discharge process of each item.


RFID tag technology, combined with ERP visualization database software, forms a set of omni-directional visual tracking from warehousing, moving, inventory to warehousing. It perfectly replaces the traditional manual process of collecting, counting and Inquiring Goods information. It is not only convenient and efficient, but also accurate. Efficient warehouse management, accurate and timely inventory dynamics, reduce warehouse management costs, speed up the warehouse turnover, achieve the optimal allocation and management of warehousing goods. The system is divided into two parts: central ERP barcode data management and handset client management. Among them, the main functions of barcode warehouse management system are to accurately manage goods, accurately locate the storage location of goods, speed up the speed of goods, and eliminate the loss of goods or property caused by human factors.


1. Replacing barcode with RFID tag to identify goods can effectively complete the automation management of warehousing and realize the automatic collection, processing and reporting of goods information.

2. Real-time management of products and goods location in warehouse is realized, which can improve the efficiency of product warehousing, reduce the worker's working intensity in the warehouse exit link and reduce the probability of error.

3. Realize the unified management of "goods-goods-places-personnel-tasks" and effectively guide the operators to complete the designated tasks;

4. It can reduce 20-30% manpower, realize 99% visualization of warehouse products, and reduce the risk of goods missing.

5. Warehousing logistics management is more systematic, so as to reduce the cost of warehousing logistics.

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