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Do you know what areas the stickers are generally used in?

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Are you familiar with stickers? Do you know what it is for? In what areas? If you don't know three questions, then Xiaobian will tell you what the sticker is, what its function is and where it is mainly used. Non-drying adhesive labeling is a kind of composite material with paper, film or special material as fabric, back coated with adhesive and silicon-coated base paper as protective paper. It forms product labeling through printing, die cutting and other processing. In our life is also relatively common, such as food labels, battery labels, bar codes, these are, to mention the application areas, let's take a look below.


I. Daily Chemical Industry

Daily chemical products have high added value and many brands, so the market competition is fierce, in order to stand out in the fierce competition, there must be bright spots, so product packaging is one of them, and labeling as an important factor plays a vital role, has been widely used in daily chemical industry.

II. Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, labeling or application in drug packaging, we all know that there are labels on the package of drugs about product instructions. Without labels, we do not know what drugs are and dare not use them. With the higher requirements for labeling in the pharmaceutical industry, both hygiene and aesthetics have certain requirements, but not dry glue labeling. On the premise of meeting the hygienic standard, it can meet the demand of drug packaging very well.

3. Electronic Industry

The electronics industry has spread to every inch of people's lives with the momentum of lightning, and has become an indispensable commodity in our lives. The application of self-adhesive labels is naturally extensive, which need not be elaborated in detail.

4. Anti-counterfeiting Industry

The characteristics of self-adhesive labeling have the application conditions in anti-counterfeiting industry. Self-adhesive labeling is regarded as the carrier of anti-counterfeiting information, so its application scope is wider, and the labeling of personalized information has broad prospects. In particular, some policies and regulations issued by the state at present (such as requiring imported products to be labeled in Chinese, origin, etc.) provide market space for the application of non-sticker, and also provide business opportunities for non-sticker printing.

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