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A Brief Analysis of the Development Status of Non-adhesive Printing

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Non-adhesive printing development:

In the 1930s, non-adhesive materials were first used in the United States. As the demand for this special composite material continues to expand, non-adhesive printing has gradually evolved into an independent printing field, and more and more enterprises engaged in professional non-adhesive label printing at home and abroad. As far as China is concerned, the unprecedented development of printing industry in terms of production scale, technology level and market space has led to the development of non-adhesive printing and reached an unprecedented level.


It is understood that the demand for non-sticker labels in China is growing at a rate exceeding 20% every year. At present, China's non-sticker label market is about 450-500 million square meters in size, with a per capita occupancy of only 0.3 square meters/person/year, while some developed countries, such as Australia, have a per capita occupancy of 12 square meters/person/year. Therefore, China's self-adhesive label market has great potential!

Nowadays, self-adhesive labels have broad prospects for development in the world. Take the outer packaging materials of American cosmetics as an example, 35% of the labels are made of self-adhesive film, 30% are made of direct screen printing, 11% are made of self-adhesive paper and 11% are made of in-mould film. It can be seen that self-adhesive labels account for 46% of its packaging materials market.

Development status of non-adhesive printing:

China's sticker label printing began in the late 1970s, the main technology, technology and materials from Japan, in Tianjin, Qingdao and Guangzhou and other coastal cities rose and extended to the whole country. In recent years, the domestic label printing market has been growing at a high speed, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. There has been a certain development from raw material production, printing process, label production capacity to the introduction of equipment and localization. In recent years, with the introduction of foreign label printing enterprises and products into China, advanced facilities are being introduced. At the same time of preparation, technology and management experience, the market of non-drying glue is gradually bred. At present, China has been able to process all kinds of high-end labels, some labels previously printed abroad have been converted to domestic processing, which is also the main reason for the rapid development of domestic label printing.

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