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What is the future of unmanned supermarket?

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Nobody's supermarket has been on fire recently. When a customer enters a store, he scans the two-dimensional code with his mobile phone Taobao. After the identification is completed by the gate, he can go into the store to shop, and then he does not need to pick up his mobile phone. Users can choose goods at will in the store, leaving the store only through a "payment door", within a few seconds can complete the automatic deduction.

Unmanned supermarkets are creating new retail models by using technology to identify goods and customers instead of manpower, and also bring new shopping experiences to customers.



Unmanned supermarkets can "open" without mobile payment, 4G network, face recognition, machine vision, target tracking and other new technologies, as well as multi-camera, sensor and other new equipment. Unmanned supermarkets have attached RFID tags to their products and installed radio frequency facilities to identify target objects through radio frequency signals. Customers can be identified even if they wear masks and put goods in their bags. Supported by new technology and equipment, customers can walk away directly after they have finished choosing goods.

However, technically, unmanned supermarkets are not perfect. For example, the RFID tag has the problem of missing reading, and can not identify some special materials of goods. When the number of customers exceeds a certain number, the device may not be able to track user behavior correctly. From a commercial point of view, no supermarket may not be able to take the upper hand. Unmanned supermarkets save labor costs, but increase technology costs. In addition, some netizens said that no supermarket has no salesman, which may reduce the customer experience; elderly people who do not use smartphones can not shop.

In the short run, it is difficult for unmanned supermarkets to replace the traditional retail mode, but the intellectualization of retail industry is a trend. Even if the unmanned supermarket can not completely replace the traditional retail mode, it can also occupy a place to meet the new needs of people's convenient shopping.

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