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Basic Components of Electronic Labels

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Electronic tags are also called radio frequency tags, transponders or radio frequency cards. Electronic tags are attached to the items to be identified. Each tag has a unique electronic code, which is the real data carrier of the radio frequency identification system.

From a technical point of view, the core of radio frequency identification is the electronic tag, and the reader is designed according to the performance of the electronic tag. In radio frequency identification system, the price of electronic tag is much lower than that of reader and writer, but the number of electronic tags is very large. There are many applications, and their composition, shape and characteristics are different. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology uses electronic tags instead of barcodes to identify items automatically without contact, which can realize the function of collecting information automatically.


Generally, electronic tags consist of tag chips and tag antennas, which are used to store data of items and antennas to transmit and receive radio waves. The chip of the electronic tag is very small, and its thickness is usually not more than 0.35 mm. The size of the antenna is generally much larger than that of the chip. The shape of the antenna is related to the working frequency and so on. The size of the encapsulated tag can be as small as 2mm, or as large as the ID card.

According to the different types of electronic tags and application requirements, the amount of data information that electronic tags can carry varies greatly, ranging from several bits to several megabits. Electronic tag communicates with reader through electromagnetic wave. Electronic tag can be regarded as a special transceiver. The components of the electronic tag are as follows:

(1) The electronic tag consists of a chip and an antenna, which can maintain the integrity of the information of the identified items and transmit the information to the reader at any time. The electronic tag has definite service life and does not require maintenance during its service life.

(2) The electronic tag chip has a certain storage capacity, which can store the related information of the identified object. The electronic tag chip demodulates and decodes the signals received by the tag, and encodes and modulates the signals returned by the tag.

(3) The tag antenna is used to collect the electromagnetic waves emitted by the reader into space and transmit the data signals of the tag itself in the form of electromagnetic waves.

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