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How much do you know about RFID tags?

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RFID tag: An electronic tag used to correspond to TTO or TTF protocol excitation signals from a reader, but to stop transmission when RTF protocol communication signals are received from the reader. The tag usually includes a protocol detector 120, which is operable to detect the reception of RTF protocol communication signals and terminate transmission when the electronic tag receives RTF protocol communication signals from the reader.

Recently, various kinds of RFID tags have been proposed, which can exchange information wirelessly with external devices such as readers/writers in a non-contact way. One such RFID tag has such a structure in which a wireless pattern and circuit chip for wireless communication are mounted on a substrate made of plastic, paper, etc. The application of RFID tags includes attaching RFID tags to objects and thus exchanging information with external devices for object recognition.



An RFID tag includes:

The base has a band shape and extends in a predetermined longitudinal direction.

An antenna, used for communication, is connected to a base;

A circuit chip electrically connected to the antenna and wireless communication via the antenna;

The sealant covers the top of the circuit chip and seals the circuit chip in cooperation with the base.

A portion of the exposed antenna which is not covered by the sealant extends in a width direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction.

Shenzhen Otaige Wulian Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on R&D, production and sales of radio frequency identification products for 15 years. With professional printing anti-counterfeiting and electronic anti-counterfeiting technology team, we took the lead in planting RFID electronic tags into ticket products by traceless composite technology, and loaded radio frequency identification technology into ticket products such as passports, certificates, tickets, etc., so that traditional tickets can truly achieve high-tech anti-counterfeiting, high efficiency statistics and high security management.

In recent years, NFC near-field communication technology has exploded the Chinese market. Otag people have been adapting to the market demand and devoted themselves to research. Since 2012, a series of NFC Bluetooth labels and mobile phone NFC labels have been introduced to the market. NFC crystal labels are popular products in the market, and their sales continue to be in the forefront of the electronic label market.

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