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Application advantages of RFID Tags

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is an automatic identification technology, which acquires the relevant data of objects through radio frequency signals and identifies them. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the 10 most important intelligent technologies in the 21st century. It can input and process information without directly contacting the identified objects. It can collect and process information quickly, real-time and accurately.



RFID uses electronic tags to mark an object. Electronic tags contain electronic chips and antennas. Electronic chips are used to store object data and antennas are used to transmit and receive radio waves. The antenna of the tag transmits the data of the object to the nearby RFID reader through the radio wave. The RFID Reader collects and processes the received data. Without manual intervention, RFID can work in various harsh environments, recognize high-speed moving objects, realize remote reading, and recognize multiple targets at the same time. Compared with traditional barcode recognition, RFID has great advantages. Its advantages and characteristics are as follows:

1. High security of RFID Tags

Bar code is composed of parallel lines with different width and spacing. It is easy to make and operate, but at the same time, it also has the disadvantages of easy imitation and poor information confidentiality. RFID tags use electronic chips to store information, whose data can be coded to achieve password protection, and its content is not easy to be forged and changed.

2. Large capacity of RFID Tags

The capacity of one-dimensional barcode is limited. Although the capacity of two-dimensional barcode is much larger than that of one-dimensional barcode, the maximum capacity can only store 3000 characters. The capacity of RFID tags can be tens of times that of two-dimensional barcode. With the development of memory carriers, the capacity of data will become larger and larger. It can realize the real "one thing, one code" and meet the needs of increasing information traffic and increasing information processing speed.

3. RFID can identify multiple tags at the same time over a long distance

Only one bar code is scanned at a time, and the distance between the bar code and the collector is required. Radio wave is used for data exchange in radio frequency identification. RFID reader can identify multiple RFID tags at the same time over a long distance, and can process and transmit information through computer network.

4. Strong anti-fouling ability of RFID Tags

The traditional barcode carrier is paper, which is attached to plastic bags or outer packing boxes and is particularly vulnerable to damage. Bar code uses optical recognition technology. If the carrier of barcode is polluted or damaged, it will affect the correct recognition of object information. RFID uses electronic chips to store information, which can be free from external environment pollution.

5. RFID is the cornerstone of the Internet of Things

Bar codes cannot be changed when printed. RFID uses electronic chips to store information. It can record any information at any time and add, change and delete information conveniently. By means of computer network, RFID can make manufacturing enterprises and sales enterprises interconnect, keep abreast of real-time information of goods in the process of production, transportation and sales, realize transparent management of goods, and realize the real meaning of "Internet of Things".

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