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What are the packaging forms of RFID tags?

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What are the encapsulation forms of RFID tags? Actually, there are many encapsulation forms of RFID tags, and they are not restricted by size and standard shape. Their composition is also very different, mainly according to the different characteristics of applications and the use environment, different encapsulation forms are adopted. From the successful application cases in our country, we can see the following three categories, among which the encapsulation of heteromorphic classes is various.


The encapsulation form of RFID tag:

1. Cards (PVC, Paper, Other)

Laminating type: There are two types: melting pressure and sealing pressure. The melting pressure is produced by heating and pressurizing the INLAY sheet in the central layer and the two PVC sheets in the upper and lower layers. P V C material is fused with INLAY and punched to the size specified in ISO7816.

Gluing type: It uses paper or other materials through the cold glue way to make the upper and lower materials of Transponder glue into one, and then die into various sizes of cards.

2. Label class

Paste type: The finished products can be manufactured into manual or labeling machine uncovered label form, is the most mainstream products in practical application. Such as airline luggage label, tray label, etc.

Suspended tag type: corresponding to clothing and articles, the use of suspended tag products, which is characterized by compact size, can be recycled.

3. Aliens

Metal Surface Setting: Many electronic tags are affected by metal to varying degrees and can not work properly. This type of label is specially processed and can be read and written on metals.

Wristband type: can be used once (e.g. medical) or repeatedly (e.g. playground).

Animal and plant usage type: The encapsulation form can be injection glass tube, hanging ear tag, socket foot ring, etc. With its own unique characteristics and wide applicability, RFID tag technology has been increasingly recognized by the market. With the further improvement of chip manufacturing technology and packaging technology, as well as the maturity of information related to packaging equipment and materials, electronic tags will be brilliant in the near future.

This is the classification of the packaging forms of RFID tags. I hope it can be helpful to you. Which kind of RFID tag packaging form is needed is specially customized according to your different requirements.

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