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What kinds of classifications are there in common anti-counterfeiting labels?

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At present, the application of anti-counterfeiting labels in enterprises has become a popular trend. There are more and more forms of anti-counterfeiting labels. Different anti-counterfeiting technologies and anti-counterfeiting labels of different shapes can be found everywhere, such as cosmetics, health products, tea, wine, auto parts and other industries. What kinds of classification are there?



There are many kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels. According to different anti-counterfeiting technologies and inquiry methods, the following four kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels are introduced.

Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label: a two-dimensional code electronic application service system is developed based on the market application requirements of product anti-counterfeiting, verification and so on. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is a product information two-dimensional code generated by two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label system encryption. It can be printed or labeled on the product package. After consumers buy it, they can decode it through official website or designated mobile phone software, which can verify the authenticity of the product and obtain detailed information.

Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is developed with the popularity of two-dimensional code. On the basis of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label, color two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is developed. Consumers can know the authenticity of the product by using mobile phone to sweep. This anti-counterfeiting label also meets the trend of modern people's times, "sweep" to get more information.

Code anti-counterfeiting label: Code anti-counterfeiting label is one of the most widely used anti-counterfeiting labels. It is easy to make, easy to query and low cost. Code label, or code anti-counterfeiting label, is a kind of anti-counterfeiting label produced by the application of code anti-counterfeiting technology. Consumers can scrape the password on the label surface, and then check and verify the authenticity of the product through 800, 400 telephone, mobile phone short message, network and other forms.

Temperature change anti-counterfeiting label: Temperature change anti-counterfeiting is made by means of temperature change ink. It can change its color rapidly or disappear temporarily with the change of environment temperature, so that the colored object has dynamic color effect. Special color or colorless is displayed at room temperature, and the color is changed according to the change of temperature.

Laser anti-counterfeiting label: Laser anti-counterfeiting label has a strong sense of vision. General users can observe it mainly by naked eyes, and also inspect the internal engraving characteristics by microscopic equipment, so as to identify the authenticity.

These are the common anti-counterfeiting labels in several categories, different enterprises can choose according to their different needs. In addition, some enterprises design anti-counterfeiting labels according to different regions. In fact, no matter what kind of anti-counterfeiting labels they use, as long as they can play the role of anti-counterfeiting labels, they are effective anti-counterfeiting labels.

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