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Crystal Smart Card - Electronic Tag Card

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The so-called dropping card is the electronic tag card after making, on the electronic tag card dropping glue, some single-sided dropping glue, some double-sided dropping glue, it became a dropping card, referred to as the dropping glue card, also known as crystal dropping glue card, electronic tag card, the common dropping glue card is generally shaped card, that is, non-standard size card.( Standard card size is 85.5mm*54mm, such as common bank cards.

  Drop rubber card can encapsulate various chips, readable and writable, because of the different chip encapsulation, different functions, such as electronic tag card, bus card, membership card, supermarket discount card, bank card, such as ICBC on a cartoon type of drip rubber card, entrance guard attendance card, community management card, campus card, etc., in a word, it is widely used.

  Classification of dripping gum:

  1. Soft Crystal Gum: It is a two-component liquid with high transparency, non-shrinkage, no warping, good flexibility, good flexibility, cracking, yellowing resistance and so on. It is suitable for the surface decoration of electronic and electrical products such as trademarks and labels. After dripping, the card still maintains certain flexibility and can bend to a certain extent.

  2. Hard Crystal Dropping Gum: It is a two-component liquid with high transparency and hardness. It is suitable for surface decoration of badges, nameplates and other products. After dripping, the card is hard and does not bend easily.


  2. Dropping glue production process of dripping glue card

  Dropping card is a kind of special-shaped card, that is, non-standard size card (standard card size is 85.5mm*54mm, such as common card). It can encapsulate all kinds of chips and can be read and written. Because of the different chips encapsulated, the functions are different.

  3. Dropping characteristics of dripping stickers:

  1. PVC is completely non-toxic and tasteless. It has no irritation to human skin and respiratory system.

  2. It can represent any color in nature.

3. It has higher mechanical strength and better corrosion resistance.

  4. Artificial needle and tube dispensing, the same product engraved with a variety of colors, the current process is still a machine can not be replaced.

  5. The surface of the product can also be silk-printed, offset-printed, oil-sprayed or arbitrary graffiti. 6. The product surface logo and pattern can be used for three-dimensional effect.

  The production process of gum dropping card can not be sloppy, slightly poor pool, gum dropping effect is not very good, to skilled teachers to produce exquisite, fall-resistant gum dropping card, because familiar teachers know how much to put to produce a good quality gum dropping card, natural dried gum dropping card is not easy to break.


4. Dropping glue production process of dripping glue card:

1. Open moulds, make corresponding effect drawings according to requirements, use computer engraving, and open corresponding moulds.

2. Color mixing, according to the pattern requirements, namely blending PVC powder, vegetable oil, PVC oil, stabilizer, paste, to meet the requirements of color and hardness.

3. To make goods, inject the raw materials into the needle tube according to the corresponding position of the drawing in the mould, and then drip the glue naturally. Such drops are wrestling-resistant and exquisite.

4. Quality inspection and trimming edge, each product should be free of bubbles, trachoma, color mixing, overall clean, fine trimming edge can meet the standards.

5. Install accessories according to customer's product requirements and complete packing before packing.

6. Packing and delivery according to specified requirements and weight

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