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What is the role of anti-counterfeiting labels? - Electronic label card manufacturers

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Electronic tag card manufacturers show you what the anti-counterfeiting label really does? Like when we usually shop in the mall, we will find that many goods have anti-counterfeiting labels. These labels can be brushed with machine recognition when we pay the bill. This is a product logo, and we buy goods to see this anti-counterfeiting. Labels are also reassuring, because these products are formally produced, if there is no anti-counterfeiting label on the product, then it proves that it is counterfeit or substandard, so it is important to have anti-counterfeiting labels on the goods.


  At present, there are many different types of anti-counterfeiting labels. There are many kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels in electronic label cards. When we buy these products, we can pay attention to the above anti-counterfeiting labels. You will find that the styles and colors of these anti-counterfeiting labels are different, some are quite common, and some are not. Hard to see. So what is the role of anti-counterfeiting labels?



1. Combating counterfeiting

2. Purifying the Market

3. Reduce the cost of counterfeiting, and greatly reduce the loss of manpower and material resources.

4. Enhance the visibility of enterprises and play a good advertising effect.

What is the function of anti-counterfeiting label? In fact, the function of anti-counterfeiting label is still very many. First of all, the function is to prove the authenticity of the product. This is the anti-counterfeiting label we are using now. It proves that the product is really usable. If it is food, it means that the product is edible and anti-counterfeiting. Fake labels represent the brand to a certain extent. Only products with brand names have anti-counterfeiting labels. If there is no anti-counterfeiting labels, it may be because they are pirated. Such products are not trustworthy. We must not buy them. Anti-counterfeiting label is also a sign of settlement in shopping malls. When checking out, anti-counterfeiting label is usually brushed. Machines can quickly display its price on the computer after identifying the anti-counterfeiting label. This is a very fast way to calculate accounts, and there will be no mistakes. If we want to know its price, we can also do so. Brush it with your mobile phone, so it's very helpful for people who want to know the attributes of goods.

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