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Provide you with one-stop RFID solutions

Date of release:2019-01-15 Author:bandao Click:

In 2018, the Internet of Things industry is surging, especially in early August, the 10th Shenzhen International Internet of Things Expo was held in the rich Futian District Convention and Exhibition Center.

Internet of Things elite in various fields, contending for brilliance, products are rich and colorful, there is a focus on RFID electronic tags on the Internet, providing a variety of plastic drip card smart. Focus on the reader, and do Bluetooth equipment business friends.

As the cornerstone of the Internet of Things industry, RFID has attracted wide attention in the venue. This is also the voice of RFID that Shenzhen is transmitting to the whole world.

Netcom has been focusing on RFID tags for many years, and has rich industry experience. Committed to providing customers with Internet of Things needs a set of solutions.

Some friends may ask what is an RFID solution?

The RFID solution is the RFID application solution developed by the RFID technology supplier according to the development characteristics of the industry. The so-called "adapting measures to local conditions and teaching according to talents". In a "tailor-made" way to different enterprises, different needs, provide different solutions.

So if we want to make a classification of this solution, it can be roughly divided into the following aspects.

1. Logistics. 2. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft. 3. Identity recognition. 4. Asset management. 5. Animal management. 6. Quick payment.

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