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How to Understand the Material and Selection Skills of RFID Labels

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Customers often ask "how to choose the appropriate RFID tags". In fact, in the actual production process of RFID tags, different materials, different places, according to customer requirements, and considering the impact of tags and environmental factors, in order to customize the appropriate RFID tags. Today, the manufacturer of Internet Consortium Electronic Label will introduce how to correctly understand the material and selection skills of RFID tags.


First, the important characteristics of labels:

1. Strength of materials: an important indicator of the material's own carrying capacity;

2. Hardness and elasticity of materials: These two indicators are related to the flexibility of materials after bearing weight. Hardness represents the flexibility of materials, while elasticity reflects the ability of materials to restore their original shape and size.

3. The ductility of materials: representing the degree of deformation or elongation of materials;

4. Toughness of materials: The ability of materials to absorb energy during plastic deformation and fracture.

5. How will the application environment affect the selection of tag materials for RFID handheld terminals

Second, the selection of RFID tag materials, we need to consider when choosing tag materials:

1. Material suitable for application environment

2. The influence of materials on radio frequency signals

3. Cost effect and return on investment

4. Procurement and production facilities

5. Protect labels from environmental damage

6. Make the label durable

For example, in a very clean and sterile environment such as hospitals, label materials must be able to withstand disinfection and sterilization requirements. If implantation is involved, the materials must also conform to human biocompatibility. That is to say, the labels used in the medical environment must be able to withstand repeated chemical cleaning and medical disinfection cycles.

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