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Internet Consortium Brings You Understanding of the Past and Present Life of RFID

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is not inherent. It should be precisely because of radar before it has RFID technology.

Radar is an imported word. English radar. The literal meaning is "radio detection and ranging". Radar can find the target position accurately, because electromagnetic wave detection technology plays a major role.

With the concept of radar gradually penetrating into the hearts of the people, it is widely used in military defense, scientific exploration, life detection engineering. As this concept continues to expand, a new technology of AIDC, RFID technology, is coming into being.

Harry Stockman delivered a deafening speech in 1948, using the power of reflection to communicate. In the scientific community at that time, the industry related to radar communication caused a huge response, and the industry authorities have given enough attention.

This day is bound to be included in the historical process, and it is also this day that Harry Stockman provides the theoretical basis for RFID radio frequency identification technology.

1941-1950. The improvement and application of radar gave birth to RFID technology, which laid the theoretical foundation of RFID technology in 1948.

1951-1960. In the early stage of exploring RFID technology, it was mainly in laboratory experiments.

1961-1970. The theory of RFID technology has been developed and some application attempts have begun.

1971-1980. RFID technology and product development are in a period of great development, and various RFID technology testing has been accelerated. Some of the earliest RFID applications have emerged.

1981-1990. RFID technology and products enter the commercial application stage, and various scale applications begin to appear.

1991-2000. The standardization of RFID technology has been paid more and more attention, and the products of RFID have been widely used. The products of RFID have gradually become a part of people's life.

2001-2018. The variety of RFID products is more abundant and widely used in our work and life. For example, there are no retail outlets, intelligent parking, traceability of animal and plant products in subdivisions, animal footrings, and anti-counterfeiting traceability of vaccines can provide powerful support.

Future-future ing. Active electronic tags, passive electronic tags and semi-passive electronic tags have been developed rapidly, and the cost of electronic tags has been reduced.

At the same time, the scale application industry will expand, and RFID will usher in its golden age.

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