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Internet Consortium brings you an understanding of the sea, land and air of the RFID system

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As we all know, in today's world, classifying a country's army can be divided into navy, army and air force.

These three armies defend a country's security in different fields and constitute a strong shield for a country in peacetime.

The RFID system can also be divided into three parts. They are:

Tag: Each tag has a unique ID number, called UID, as everyone does. The entity part is composed of chips and coupling elements. Like a U disk, it can store a certain amount of data information, but its capacity is generally small (about 1K is more).

Reader: The identification device of the electronic tag, which can read and write information in the electronic tag, has two types: handheld and fixed.

Antenna: Antenna belongs to a middleware in the RFID system. It plays the role of carrying and transmitting radio frequency signals. It connects two terminals and makes them form a whole.

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