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Advantages of Book RFID Label

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According to statistics, there are more than 2700 public libraries at county level (including) or above, nearly 2000 University libraries, and more than 200 libraries of scientific academies, Social Sciences academies, ministries and military research libraries with more than 100,000 physical collections. The variety and complexity of books in various libraries lead to the increase of workload of staff and the difficulty for readers to find books of their own interest. This greatly damages the reader's interest in reading and wastes social resources. The existing reserve of library standard RFID tag development technology is very abundant, computer database technology, data transmission wireless and wired network communication technology connected with RFID equipment, middleware standard-software development, photoelectric control automatic sorting system technology. It's perfect.

Library management and reader convenience.


At present, the application of Library label in the following aspects

The combination of Library RFID application service innovation and equipment innovation provides readers with more convenient and humanized services.

The cooperation alliance of city libraries is growing day by day. With the help of the logistics delivery system matched with library RFID application and the central book returning and sorting system, the reservation delivery and resource sharing in different places can be realized.

Intelligent bookshelf, intelligent returning bookshelf, unattended book lending and returning workstation in community day and night, optimization of shelf checking and navigation mode, three-dimensional intensive intelligent access to library, the application of RFID in library industry has developed from simple borrowing and returning application to complex functional application.

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