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IC Card for Catering Members

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Detailed introduction

IC card:Contact IC and non-contact IC. Contact IC is a plastic card with large-scale integrated circuits. It is an integrated circuit chip with microprocessors and large-capacity memory that can store, encrypt and process data. It can be embedded on a plastic substrate of the same size as credit card and can be carried out independently as a computer. A card-based modern information load tool for information processing and information exchange. Contactless IC is also called radio frequency card. It successfully solves the problem of passivity (no power supply in the card) and contactless, which is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices.

IC Card for Catering Members

Material Science:


Product characteristics:

1. High reliability, no mechanical contact between card and reader, which can avoid the malfunction caused by rough insertion card, insertion of objects other than card, dust and grease; no bare chip on card surface, no chip falling off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage and other issues; easy and fast operation, which can operate the card in an effective range; Direction improves the speed of reading.

2. Anti-collision (automatic resolution). The RF card has a fast anti-collision mechanism, which can prevent data interference between cards. The reader can process multiple induction cards at the same time.

3. It has a wide range of applications. The structure of RF card memory makes it possible to use different systems in one card. Users can set different passwords and access conditions according to different applications.

4. Good encryption performance, bidirectional authentication mechanism, operating password and access conditions in each sector.

Scope of application:

Resident ID Card, Education Card, Social Security Medical Insurance Card, Bus Card, Gas Card, Highway Toll Card, Parking Card, Intelligent Community Management Card, Attendance Card, Access Control Card, etc.

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