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Dropping sticker

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Detailed introduction

Dropping gel ID, IC card generally refers to the general identity card, including the membership certification of shopping malls, hotels, fitness centers, restaurants and other consumer places. They are widely used. Where the need for identification is involved, they can be applied to identity cards, such as schools, clubs, companies, organs, groups, etc.

Membership service is also a popular service management mode, which can improve customer return rate and customer loyalty to enterprises. Many service industries adopt such a service model, the form of membership is mostly represented as membership cards. The membership card issued by a company is equivalent to the company's business card. On the membership card, the company's logo or pattern can be printed to publicize the company's image. It is the ideal carrier for the company to carry out advertising propaganda. At the same time, issuing membership cards can also attract new customers, retain old customers, enhance customer loyalty, and achieve discount, points, customer management and other functions. It is a feasible way to increase efficiency.


Membership card size:

Can be divided into standard card and non-standard card, standard card size is 85.5*54, non-standard card size can be set by customers themselves, can also be made into various shapes, non-standard card surface to do gum dripping effect, can be made into gum dripping membership card, gum dripping membership cartridge point: small and exquisite appearance, durable, non-fading, waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion. Easy to carry.

Dropping gel membership card chip can choose IC, ID, UHF and other chips, can also be made into a composite card.

Dropping card, also known as crystal card or dripping card, is a new IC smart card with great personality. Mini-cute appearance, good feel, can be designed and processed into cartoon, heart-shaped, square, circular and other shapes and different patterns, full-color printing, two sides dripping with crystal glue, transparent appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, with dust-proof, waterproof, earthquake-resistant, solid and durable characteristics.

Drop sticker can encapsulate all kinds of smart chips. The products are made of various materials, printing and imported crystal drop sticker. Dust-proof, waterproof, bubbleless and transparent products such as glass, three-dimensional sense, suitable for membership management, points, consumption system, one-card payment, product identification, school management, community management, access control, attendance, identity recognition, public transport. Any pattern can be customized. According to the different requirements of customers, we can make various cartoon shapes with bright colors and vivid images, which is the ideal choice for the promotion activities of enterprises.

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